The Golden Acre Family

The Meyers

We are, Elizabeth, Cole, and Miya Meyer! We live on a 50 acres outside of Columbia, Ky.
Elizabeth is the animal lover of the family, and enjoys raising our dogs and piddles in raising cattle and horses. She has loved animals since she was a young kid driving her mom nuts with any animal she could bring home. No one was shocked when she took the career path to raise dogs. 🙂
Cole loves the puppies and can’t wait to play with his “baby dogs” when the litters arrive. 🙂 Miya is 3, almost 4. She loves when the puppies are in the house and she plays mother hen carrying them all around, covering in blankets, and rocking them in her chair.
The kittens take front place for both kids currently, Cheetah and Panther ( both named by Cole) get carried everywhere, but they LOVE their puppies too!

We believe in doing things the best way, and are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, family dogs. We believe that dogs should have room to run and play, and we love interacting with them each day. It is our goal to see all of our puppies go to families that feel the same way, that will give them a wonderful home with companionship and lots of love.

We love getting to know fellow dog lovers and would love to hear from you!

Our Family

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