We LOVE our dogs

We LOVE our dogs, and we would love for you to get to see why we love them so much!
We work hard to bring you the healthiest and happiest puppies, and we do that by raising some awesome Health Tested Adult Dogs, in an enviroment where they get to live happy running and playing on our farm!

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Puppy Application
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Puppy Deposit


Our AKC Golden Retriever Sandy is the sweet mother to our little tribe. She is always with Elizabeth and loves attention! Elizabeth has trained her well and soon hopes to use her sweet personality as a therapy dog at local hospitals. She also showed a new skill this past year at tracking and has done very well with it! Her favorite place is to be at Elizabeth’s feet at night relaxing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the most faithful dog we have ever owned, and knows she holds a big place in Elizabeth’s heart.


Dexter is a sweet boy! He has a great personality and has the most adorable puppies! He is the father to all our standard goldendoodles.
Dexter is Genetic and OFA tested and passed with a GOOD report!


Ringo is my handsome Red AKC Golden Retriever man who LOVES people! He has sired many litters and has such a good pedigree! He is OFA tested with a “Good” on his hips with both of his parents tested as well.
We know that generational testing is SO important so that your puppy comes from a healthy parentage!
Personality is also so important to us so that your puppy is not only healthy but a GREAT dog, and this boy has both! He is so sweet, loves playing with people, and listens well!

Derby and AZ

These two are joint at the hip, so their bio goes together. 🙂
Derby is one of our Amazing pedigreed AKC Dark Red Golden Retrievers. She has OFA done on her hips, genetic tested and is one of the sweetest dogs you will meet! She loves to run and play, but is most content when she has your full attention.

AZ is an F1 Aussiedoodle, the daughter of Beezey our Australian Shepherd. She is the calmest Aussiedoodle you’ll ever meet! She is content to climb into your lap and cuddle for the day. But if Derby is up to play she’s keeping up!

Theo and Milo

Say hello to our two AKC Miniature Poodles, the fathers to all of our Mini Goldendoodles!
Their personalities are very similar in that they LOVE their mama and LOVE to be with people! These boys are both in our guardianship program and I think it’s safe to say they have their owners wrapped around their fingers. 🙂

Golden Retriever Breeder in KY


Sassy is a love bug with lots of energy!  She is a AKC Golden Retriever and weights about 60lbs.
She is genetic tested and has her OFA hip testing completed.
She adores getting attention and loves to run and play. 😊
She is currently bred to Ringo and due in Sept with red golden retrievers!

Golden Retriever Mom


Remi is the biggest sweetheart. She loves to give you attention and be near you. She has a great mix of playful and sweet, ready to be loved on.
Remi has had OFA completed on hips.


Luna is such a sweet girl! She loves to be around people and playing. She has quite the sassy personality!  Luna is OFA certified on her Hip and genetic tested. She comes from a great pedigree line of testing done on parents and grandparents.


Scarlett is a Standard F1 Goldendoodle. She is one of the SWEETEST girls! She takes a minute to get close to new people, but once she loves you, she really loves you! 🙂 She has raised some of the most adorable and great tempered puppies!
She weights about 65lbs and is an excellent mom!

English Golden Retriever

Ice – English Golden

Ice loves to run and play! She’s a goofball and so sweet! 🙂 She is AKC registered and due to have her first litter of AKC Puppies this Spring with Ecco. Her favorite past time is pretending her water bowl is a swimming pool. 🙂


Summer is the sweetest golden retriever girl! She is AKC registered with her OFA testing done on her hips.  She has a sweet and quiet personality but still loves people and being loved on!

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Make Sure You Get the Puppy You Desire

In order to make sure you get the puppy you desire, please contact us and fill out our Puppy Application to reserve your puppy today. Our sweet puppies will go quickly so don’t wait!