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We offer Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, and Aussiedoodle Puppies. Check out the pricing below!

ASK US ABOUT DELIVERY!  We deliver anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico! Delivery fees: $1.50 a mile charged only one way. If flying we charge the cost of the flight plus $400. When we fly we carry the puppy on board the plane with us and meet you at the airport.

$2500  —   *Returning customers inquire on our discount for you!*

The F1 generation is the first cross with a standard poodle and AKC Golden Retriever. They have a wavy hair coat and may  shed lightly.  They will have more of the golden retriever perky personality and are usually great with children. Our female golden retrievers have the best dispositions and will most definitely have puppies showing some of their sweet and smart traits.

  • These will range from light golden to darker red in color
  • They will fill out to about 50-60 lbs.

$2500  —   *Returning customers inquire about our discount for you!*

The F1B goldendoodle is 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.
This breed does not shed and is hypo allergenic.
If you are looking for a dog with fluffy or curly hair, this is the type you want!
They are sweet and have great temperaments.

  • They range from light golden to dark red.
  • They will mature to 45-60 lbs.


The AKC Golden Retriever is a beautiful golden retriever.
We raise both English and dark red Golden Retrievers.
Both are full  golden retriever with it’s sweet and caring nature but with the differences being a dark red coat or the stunning white coat.
All prices are for limited registration, please message to see if you’re eligible for full registration.
Our dark Red Goldens have amazing pedigrees, ask us to see their lineage.

  • The Golden Retriever does shed a considerable amount
  • They will range from 55-75 lbs.
  • English Goldens are $2500
  • Dark Red Goldens are $2500


F1b Small Mini Goldendoodles are such sweet and gorgeous dogs!

  • They will be approx 18-25 lbs full grown.
  • Their coats will be very wavy to curly.
  • Colors will range from light golden to red.


Mini-Goldendoodles are such sweet and gorgeous dogs! They are perfect for the family wanting a goldendoodle but not the large size!

  • They will be roughly 25-35 lbs full grown.
  • Their coats range from slightly wavy to very wavy depending on the puppy and if you get F1 or F1b.
  • Colors will range from golden to red.


Aussiedoodles are such sweet and gorgeous dogs! They are perfect for the family wanting a fun loving, energetic dog.

  • They will be roughly 45-50 lbs full grown.
  • Their coats have a nice wave with a littler curl
  • Colors will range all across the board. Black, Red, multi, Tri, Merl.
  • Mini’s are 20-25lbs, cost is $2500.

We offer a $100 discount to all military and first responders! Thank you for your service!

Make Sure You Get the Puppy You Desire

In order to make sure you get the puppy you desire, please contact us and fill out our Puppy Application to reserve your puppy today. Our sweet puppies will go quickly so don’t wait!

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